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Trimming my list...

Sep. 8th, 2009 | 08:54 am

Friends and other folk,

I am cutting LJ to a smaller group of people. FaceBook is the place to get random non-scary updates about me. This list is for the focused scary updates. If you don't want to see those, let me know.

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Silly silly contest...

Jun. 4th, 2009 | 04:49 pm

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Banner

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Redistributing the wealth...

Apr. 21st, 2009 | 07:25 pm

I am so tired of the people on the right complaining about Obama "redistributing the wealth" and the recent tea parties.

1) Most of the people protesting are BENEFITING from the change, so they are either ignorant of this simple detail or dead-ass stupid. I think they have their heads so far up their rhetoric that they can't see the road. They'd rather hate Obama than go to all the trouble of THINKING.

2) http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1151824/almost_all_political_leaders_like_obama.html?cat=9

3) The top tax rate is just falling back to Clinton-era rates, BETTER than some of Reagan's tax levels (and only 5% are in this range. http://www.taxfoundation.org/taxdata/show/151.html

4) So, since Obama (and his Congress) is lowering the tax on the lower incomes and raising it on upper incomes = redistributing the wealth to the lower incomes, does Bush (and his Congress) lowering taxes on upper incomes & corporations and running up record deficits (after Clinton started paying down the debt) = redistributing the wealth to the upper incomes & corporations? ...and this is better for working-class people...

5) Calling this "taxation without representation" takes us back to ignorant/stupid. Just because the person you voted for lost does NOT mean you are not represented. If it does, I have gone largely unrepresented in Missouri, in Congress, and in the White House since I started voting. Only twice has the person I voted for become President.

6) Comparing Obama's budget proposal that INCLUDES Iraq/Afghanistan and estimates for disaster relief with Bush proposals that ignored all this is apples/oranges. "Obama proposed XX more spending that Bush!" could be rephrased as "Obama was XX more honest than Bush." George W. Bush is a habitual liar. Play his statements about unwarranted wiretapping back in chronological order if you want ONE example.

Note that I did NOT vote for Clinton or either Bush. I'm not a big fan of Clinton, but he and his Republican congress managed to start paying down the debt. I respect George H. W. Bush and Reagan for their accomplishments, but wonder at the people who think well of George W. Bush. What were they thinking? He (and his machine, including Rove and Cheney) used good people up and lied to the country.

Hating Obama now doesn't help you make George W. Bush a good person.

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Writing for Dollars

Apr. 21st, 2009 | 06:23 pm

Kinda like Bowling for Dollars, but less bowling and not a TV show...


I've been meaning to post more writing. I've been hoping to make money from writing. If I can make enough money writing, I can write more.

Tell a friend.

Send me feedback.

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Spending time over on FaceBook

Mar. 18th, 2009 | 11:00 am

If you notice I haven't posted here, it's because I haven't had much to say...

...so I just say a little at a time on FaceBook. Friend me there, if you haven't already.


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A good morning...

Dec. 25th, 2008 | 10:32 am

We got up, started coffee and breakfast, and waited for the late sleepers to get up. I chopped tatos, onions, and corned beef for hash and oakborn mixed up pancakes.

Miss M was up 45 minutes before us, 'patiently' playing WoW to fill her time.

Our rule is the last person asleep gets woken up when everyone else is awake. Once Gramma was awake, Miss M charged Mr. A's room with very loud good cheer. She says the look on his face was priceless.

Stockings were emptied of chocolates and t-shirts. Wrapping flew about the room. Many choice gifts were received. We all did pretty good for a year where we couldn't go completely nuts on spending.

We're taking it easy the rest of the day. The ham is in the oven heating up slowly. oakborn mixed up banana bread and is making red apples, but we're not in a hurry for lunch. I should get some mashed tatos together soon...

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Overslept and feel great!

Oct. 12th, 2008 | 10:24 am
mood: chipperchipper

I meant to get up for church today, but oakborn was out running, it was quiet, and she had to go in early, so I'm here without a car OR a shower and it's too late. BUT I feel awake and alert for the first time in weeks. I guess I just needed more sleep.

Bought "Iron Man" on DVD yesterday. It was as good as I remembered. Da Boi and I stayed up TOO LATE last night watching it. He chuckled at the right parts and went "Oooo, want one!" at the right parts.

I've been playing too much WoW lately. I got my first character to 70. Now I'm kind of looking at him as a first novel: not perfect, not what I really wanted to write, but he's DONE. The other aspect is: He's NOT done. He still has some trash greens, has no purple gear, and only 4 of 5 pieces of his Stalker's blue set. So part of me wants to let him sit, do dailies for cash and maybe work up rep to improve his gear while I pick a race and class I REALLY like, play that character up right to max out Rep (at least with SOME groups), and have a better 70 to start into Wrath. Only my hairdresser knows for sure*.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Please click each one. Thanks!

* and that would be REALLY funny if I posted a current pic. I really should.

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Damn, I'm good?

Oct. 1st, 2008 | 08:35 pm

How evil are you?

Where did I go right?

Today was a spaced out day. I was very glad when I was done with work, then I did a bunch of dailies on my Hunter. oakborn is traveling for work, so tonight is just me and The Boy. We're spacing out, playing games, watching Bones, Ghost Hunters, and assorted junk TV. No brain activity required.


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Adopt one today!

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Well, it was quick but fun...

Sep. 27th, 2008 | 08:07 pm
mood: relaxedrelaxed

The Discworld game today went even FASTER than in Rolla, but we have a couple players that had to leave early, so I jumped things up. Being able to finish a fairly fun RPG in 2.5 hours seems alien to my younger marathon-RPG days, but it was a good fit today. It was nice to run and RPG again. I need to do this more.

Our garage sale today was a bust: Not enough people stopped and few bought, so we covered expenses and made less than $5. Feh. Not worth the time. The weather was nice. Maybe there was too much good stuff in town for people to come out for garage sales. We're going to try again in a month or so.

I got in a good walk taking down the signs after we closed down and another this evening with oakborn declared she wanted to walk to Sonic for a Jr. Banana Split. We spent some $ on sweets, but it was worth the walk.


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Quietly Busy Sunday

Sep. 21st, 2008 | 10:05 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: "Ever After" on tv...

I'm planning to just take it easy today, sorta. I was very social yesterday with a game demo at Valhalla's Gate (I showed my </a>Booty</a>!) and then the Harvest Supper at church. I generally like people, but in small doses. :)

Today I will stay home and try to tick things off my "OMG!WTF! Why isn't THAT done yet!?!" list... little things like catching up my work records, getting our family finances into Quicken so we can keep better track, cleaning, sorting through stuff to prepare for next Saturday's yard sale, ... etc.

We have lots of leftovers, so likely no cooking today. I'm not sure that's a happy or not. I think I'm in the mood to cook. That chicken chili I made last weekend went over well and disappeared too quickly. I may leave it in oakborn's capable hands. Check out my online cookbook if you're bored. This was Chicken Chili - Take Two.


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Adopt one today!

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